After four seasons of being overpowered by their moms and their coach Abby Lee Miller, the child stars of Lifetime’s hit reality-TV series “Dance Moms” will finally have their chance to speak. Before “Girl Talk” (originally titled, “No Moms Allowed”) airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT, here are five spoilers of what viewers can expect will go down on the kids special:

Chloe will be the star of the show

While dancer Chloe Lukasiak, 12, is not the “Girl Talk” special’s official host, she will reportedly lead the girls’ discussion on the special. “It’s all about the girls,” dance mom Christi Lukasiak revealed during a fan meet-and-greet last month. “And Chloe, I don’t want to say she’s the host because there is no host, but she leads all of the discussion," she added.

Chloe and Maddie will talk it out

After a seasons of drama between team members Chloe and Maddie Ziegler, 11, the dancing duo will reportedly work out their differences on the televised special. “She and Maddie have an honest conversation about their friendship and their competing with each other,” Lukasiak said, also dishing on other topics of conversation set to air during the special. “They talk about four seasons of dancing on television, all their favorite dances, what it’s really like to be on TV growing up,” she said.

The girls might bash the moms

Are the ALDC girls Team Abby? While the adult stars of “Dance Moms” are always going head-to-head with their child’s tyrannical teacher, the child stars appear to agree with their coach: their moms are sometimes a bit outrageous. “I think that we all agree, our moms are a little bit crazy,” Chloe can be heard saying on the reunion show’s promo. Fellow dancer Maddie agrees, saying, “Oh yeah.”

Mackenzie will premiere her music video

“Dance Moms” viewers witnessed the behind-the-scenes drama during the creation of dancer Mackenzie Ziegler’s “It’s A Girl Party” music video during Season 4, and after weeks of waiting, fans will finally get the chance to see its world premiere. Following the debut of Mackenzie’s debut album “Mack Z,” the pop music video is set to premiere on Lifetime directly after the “Girl Talk” special. “Can’t wait for you to see the #ItsaGirlParty video on Tuesday after Dance Moms!!!” Mackenzie, 9, posted to Instagram Friday.

Brooke and Paige tribute

While former “Dance Moms” cast members Brooke, 16, and Paige Hyland, 13, will not make an appearance on the kids reunion special, the remaining girls will reportedly say farewell to the show’s former stars Tuesday. “They do a beautiful tribute to Brooke and Paige because we know Brooke and Paige are no longer a part of the team,” Lukasiak confirmed.