Admit it. You have spent an embarrassing amount of hours dedicated to viewing the weekly antics of Abby Lee Miller and her elite competition teams antics. (I mean, who could really pass up the opportunity to watch another Maddie/Chloe showdown?) Just newly into its fourth season, the Lifetime hit series "Dance Moms" has become a weekly viewing ritual for dancers, their mothers, and curious onlookers worldwide. While some may keep their love for the mother-daughter reality program on the down-low, there are some telltale ways to discover if you are a "Dance Moms" addict. Here are ten signs you're obsessed with "Dance Moms":

You’re always paranoid about getting replaced

According to the Abby Lee Dance Company matriarch Abby Lee Miller, everyone is replaceable. A “Dance Mom” viewing addict can only hear Miller’s mantra so many times before they start questioning their own worth.

You have a sudden desire to visit Pittsburgh

Good-bye dream beach vacation, hello Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! A true “Dance Moms” fan would want to see the Abby Lee Dance Company headquarters and better yet, pick up a signature souvenir from the company’s on-site gift shop.

Tuesdays feel like Fridays

For devout “Dance Mom-ers” the beginning of the week doesn’t feel so glum when you have a weekly episode of dance drama to tune into every Tuesday evening.

Competition songs have found their way onto your playlists

Confession: I wouldn’t mind hearing season four, episode one's song “Girls Night Out G.N.O.” for a second time. And sure, season one’s performance to “Electricity" was undoubtedly provocative, but the pop song is not bad when the young ALDC dancers are not performing to its suggestive lyrics.

You’re afraid to cry in public

Save your tears for your pillow has become a mantra you repeat to yourself daily.

You stalk competition scores

Sure, you could wait until the next episode to find out the Abby Lee Dance Company's latest competition scores but why not do your research and find the results ahead of everyone else? Some sites, specificially "Dance Moms Wikia," have even dedicated themselves to posting "Dance Moms" spoilers.

You’ve stepped up your makeup game

Watching tween girls sporting professional makeup looks than you could only ever dream of pulling off on a weekly basis can really mess with a girls head. (Seriously, how do those kids always look so flawless?) Dancers Maddie Ziegler, 11, Mackenzie Ziegler, 9, and Chloe Lukasiak, 12, are so talented, they have even posted makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Any mention of Ohio give you the chills

Ohio is the home of the Candy Apples Dance Center. No, thank you!

You're addicted to Instagram

Not only do the infamous dancer's mothers have their own social media accounts, the children have also taken to Instagram to post their day-to-day activities. What "Dance Moms" fan wouldn't want an inside look at our favorite dancers lives?

You have genuine love for the girls

Whether you are a supporter of the "underdogs" or the teacher pets, one or more of the young ALDC dancers (and sometimes even their opinionated mothers) have without a doubt, found a special place in your reality TV-viewing heart.

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.