abby lee miller mini team
Some of Abby Lee Miller’s mini team members will find themselves dancing with the elite junior girls in the back half of Season 6. Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller is testing the waters. The coach will blend some of her longtime students with newcomers in Season 6B episodes of Lifetime’s “Dance Moms.”

When the series returns from its hiatus, viewers will get to see elite team members compete onstage with dancers from Abby’s new mini team. One “Dance Moms” spoiler site revealed that Brynn Rumfallo and JoJo Siwa were paired with younger dancers for duets during an appearance at the Innovation Dance Competition in Oxnard, California, May 14, which will air in episode 26.

Attendees of the West Coast event reported that Brynn, who has long been teased as Abby’s future star student and Maddie Ziegler’s replacement, will dance a duet with Lilliana Ketchman, 7. They will compete with an open number, “The Bad Deed.” Meanwhile, JoJo will team up with Elliana Walmsley, 8, for the open category dance, “Fan Favorite.”

While the duets are sure to be must-sees for “Dance Moms” fans, group routines will also be featured in the competition in episode 26. The elite junior team will perform a contemporary number, “End of the Road,” inspired by “The Wizard of Oz,” while the mini team will present “Mime Your Business,” an acrobatic piece.

Despite being new teammates, the duet performers impressed the judges enough to result in some noteworthy wins. JoJo and Elliana finished first in the junior division, while Brynn and Lilliana placed second. The mini team was also recognized with first-place honors in the junior group division, although the elite junior team’s placement likely did not thrill Abby: The older group placed second in the teen division.

Combining older and younger dancers is not the only thing changing in the back half of Season 6. It appears Abby is also testing male dancers for spots on her elite junior team. Yadiel Figueroa and Will Simmons competed alongside the girls in episode 22, while Jalen Parker and Simeon Johnson danced in a series of trios in episode 23.

While the Abby Lee Dance Company is already moving on to new episodes, the first half of Season 6 has yet to finish airing. The last episode, “The Final Curtain,” which is a look-back special with Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler, will air on Lifetime Tuesday, May 24, at 9 p.m. EDT.