Dance Moms elites
The “Dance Moms” elite team will earn at least one new member in Season 7. Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller couldn’t decide which dancers to eliminate in the “Dance Moms” Season 7 premiere but several of her girls will get the boot on next week’s installments. Lifetime’s synopsis for episode 2, “Abby’s Worst Nightmare,” reveals big changes are coming for the ALDC.

“Abby challenges the junior elites to a head-to-head competition and decides to make big changes within the team. Later, Abby send a few girls home and enlists two new dancers,” the network’s synopsis states.

While the episode summary doesn’t divulge which competitors will be saying goodbye to Abby Lee, it was revealed in September that “Dance Moms” producers let the minis go. “The network/production co sent the #aldcminis home today. I’m sick over it!” Abby wrote on Instagram. The following month, dancers Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman joined the elite team.

Saying goodbye to some of her students won’t be the worst part of the installment for Abby, though. After a long hiatus, Cathy Nesbitt Stein and her Candy Apple will return in episode 2. While viewers are already privy to Abby’s upset about the Candy Apples coach comeback from watching the Season 7 trailer (above), the synopsis reveals the moms will be concerned about “Abby’s temperament when her arch rival returns.”

[Warning: Spoilers for Season 7, episode 2 below!]

Despite Cathy’s return, the ALDC will still be victorious. One “Dance Moms” spoiler site indicates the CADC were runners-up to Abby’s team’s lyrical piece, “We Go On,” at Fierce National Dance Competition in San Diego on Sept. 17. The ALDC’s duets also beat out Cathy’s group, taking home first and second-place in the teen division.

The next “Dance Moms” airs on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.