Chloe Lukasiak, pictured at Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards in Inglewood, California, on March 28, is up for a 2015 Teen Choice Award. Getty Images

In just two days “Dance Moms” fans will finally learn who won the 2015 Teen Choice Award for Choice Dancer. The Fox awards show announced last month that two of the show's stars, Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler, were nominated in the same category, as well as several other stars in the dance community. Chloe and Maddie's nominations follows their head-to-head battles on the Lifetime reality series ahead of Chloe’s decision to leave the program last fall. Now, Chloe is speaking out about her nomination and what she has planned for the rest of her career.

Despite both Chloe, 14, and Maddie, 12, touting their nominations online in their hopes to win the fan-voted Choice Dancer award, Chloe says she’s happy to be in the running with her former teammate. “I’m really excited and I’m really happy for Maddie,” Chloe told VivaGlam magazine. “I just think it’s awesome that I’m nominated for a Teen Choice Award! I was so excited when I found out and I still can’t believe it.”

Chloe shared a similar sentiment when speaking out about her nomination to OK! magazine. When asked how she feels going up against Maddie, Chloe said it’s no different than their dance competition rivalry on “Dance Moms.”

“It’s not really different than anything else. I mean, I’ve always competed against her my whole life," Chloe said. "She was probably my biggest rivalry in the competition world. But it is really no different now…. It’s no different than any competition."

dance moms chloe and maddie
Maddie Ziegler (left) and Chloe Lukasiak competed on "Dance Moms" and now they're both up for a 2015 Teen Choice Award. Pictured: Maddie and Chloe in a "Dance Moms" Season 4 promo. Lifetime

And while being nominated for a Teen Choice Award may be exciting for Chloe, she also has several other big plans up her sleeve. Following her appearances in music videos for artists Jess Godwin and Bianca Ryan earlier this year, the teen star, who has been hanging out with acting coach Lori Lively as of late, dished that she is planning to get into the world of acting. “I would really like to get into acting so that’s when I’ve been working on now,” she told VivaGlam.

Her love of reading may also have her considering writing a future career goal. “I do like writing,” she confessed. “I may or may not be thinking about writing a book. I’ve been thinking about that a lot.”

But don’t fret, “Dance Moms” fans. Chloe is not putting her dancing shoes behind her. Since leaving coach Abby Lee Miller’s ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) studio in 2014, Chloe has gone on to join Pittsburgh’s Studio 19 dance competition group. She has also stayed in touch with her fans via social media, especially YouTube, and by attending fan meet and greets.

Tune in to the 2015 Teen Choice Awards Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox to find out who wins for Choice Dancer.