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Melissa Gisoni (center) is in hot water with "Dance Moms" viewers over her comments about her daughter Mackenzie Zieger's (not pictured) win. Here the reality star is pictured at a Season 5B taping with her co-stars (from left) Jessalynn Siwa and Jill Vertes. Lifetime

Tuesday’s installment of “Dance Moms” was the battle of the Ziegler sisters and unfortunately for Maddie, it was her little sister Mackenzie that came out on top. After competing head-to-head in the junior solo division on “Dance Moms” Season 5, episode 23, titled “Maddie vs. Mackenzie,” it was announced that Mackenzie, then 10, had won for her jazz/acro routine “Sink or Swim.” Maddie, 12, took home second-place for her tap routine.

While Maddie appeared grateful for placing onstage during the competition, she appeared to change her tune behind-the-scenes. After her mother, Melissa Gisoni, approached Mackenzie to congratulate her on her win, Maddie called the competition “stupid.”

“Mom, it’s just a stupid competition. You don’t have to cry,” Maddie said after she watched her mother embrace her younger sister.

After seeing her coach, Abby Lee Miller, and guest choreographer Travis Payne also give congratulatory hugs to Mackenzie, Maddie shared her feelings about placing second. “I definitely deserve to beat her, but its OK,” Maddie said.

Back in the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) dressing room, Melissa once again expressed her excitement to Mackenzie over her surprising win. She attempted to get Maddie to share in her joy, but the dancer claimed she was already enthused by her sister’s achievement.

“I’m not mad at all!” Maddie said to her mom. “You said, ‘Be happy. Be happy. I’m like, I’m happy! … I AM happy. Just stop it!”

In a shocking turns of events, Melissa sang a different tune about Mackenzie's performance after her daughters left the ALDC dressing room. When asked by fellow dance mom Jessalynn Siwa if she felt Mackenzie deserved to beat Maddie based on their solo performances, Melissa refused to answer before later confessing her true feelings.

“I’m sorry. Mackenzie looked like a 7-year-old on the stage and she looked adorable and sweet and Maddie was fabulous,” Melissa said.

After the episode aired, Melissa took to Twitter to defend her comments about Maddie and Mackenzie.

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