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Move over mom! The dads of “Dance Moms” will show off their moves in Lifetime’s “Girl Talk Part 3” special. Lifetime

The dance dads are going to spill some tea!

Before the Season 6 return of “Dance Moms” on Tuesday, Sept. 6, the fathers of the young Lifetime cast members will make an unprecedented cameo on the network’s “Girl Talk Part 3” special.

According to Lifetime’s synopsis for the upcoming installment, the dads of “Dance Moms” will teach viewers some unknown facts about the beloved ALDC dancers by spilling their “daughters’ deepest secrets.” The guest stars will also add a few laughs by showing off their own dance moves.

Elsewhere in the special, hosted by actor Jai Rodriguez (you may remember him from the last reunion), the “Dance Moms” elite team will “give the latest” on their coach Abby Lee Miller as well as perform some never-before-seen routines. The mini team will also appear to debut their newest, unidentified member.

“Girl Talk Part 3” will lead into the “Dance Moms” Season 6B premiere. The special airs on Lifetime Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. EDT, just ahead of episode 19 of the competition series, titled “Abby’s New Beginning.”

Fans can expect to see a new and improved coach Abby, as the title suggests, as well as some drama among the elite dancers. When Abby assigns Brynn Rumfallo and Kendall Vertes duets with boy dancers, Brynn “struggles with the pressure” to win. The team will also hit a bump when one moms accuses Abby of playing favorites with Brynn.

The rest of the season will continue to follow Abby’s legal troubles, the return of her mini team, and her desire to name her new star student after student Maddie Ziegler’s leave in May.