And another one bites the dust! Michael Waltrip was the latest “Dancing with the Stars” contestant to be eliminated from the 2014 competition on Monday night after he failed to impress judges with his jungle-themed foxtrot.

The NASCAR legend and his partner, Emma Slater, took on the iconic couple Tarzan and Jane during Week 8’s Dynamic Duo night, an episode meant to pay tribute to the many fictional and real twosomes throughout history.

Despite their commitment to the performance -- loincloth and all -- the pair (who struggled throughout the entire Season 19 competition) couldn’t manage to swoon viewers with their swinging routine. While judge Len Goodman claimed the wild performance was the best he’d ever seen from Michael, the other judges felt a bit tangled up from the underwhelming performance.

Michael then had a chance to redeem himself in a dance-off against fellow competitor Tommy Chong (who was also on the ballroom floor chopping block). But ultimately, it was the comedian who unanimously won the duel and was safe from elimination.

A teary-eyed Michael expressed his sadness over leaving the competition. "It was a chance to do something that was more emotional than it was physical, to get to experience the wonderful cast, to get to know Emma's heart and who she is as a person," he told host Tom Bergeron after getting cut. "I'm happy I got to be here and sad I have to go."

Emma, who was equally as emotional as her partner, held back her tears as she said a few parting words. "He's made me a better person. You meet these people and he has a big heart. I'll be a better person for the rest of my life," she said.

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