“Dancing With the Stars” pro Keo Motsepe and his feisty Season 21 partner Chaka Khan might have started the 2015 installment on the wrong foot following a choreography flub, but the South African performer is quite confident he and his two-stepping sidekick will survive the dreadful double eliminations during Week 2 of the hit ABC series. Prior to Monday’s show, Motsepe, who joined the “DWTS” cast in 2014, shared with International Business Times how Team ChaKeo prepared to redeem itself during the “Hometown Glory” installment.

“I think it’s going to be different on Monday. It’s going to be improvements and that’s what I’m excited about,” he told IBT, adding the two have learned a lot since their low-scoring debut. “She’s doing very well.”

“Obviously, the first week she didn’t know what to expect. You can explain as much as you want but she didn’t expect something like that,” the artist said, revealing that Khan was thrown off during the live premiere by the unexpected loud noises, screaming fans and the numerous cameras that were shoved in her face. However, after the “I Feel For You” songstress completed her first performance, she became aware of her chaotic surroundings.

Motsepe said after their routine, Khan told him she finally “got it.”

“She said, ‘I get now what I should do before the show, what my attitude should be like.’ Because there’s so many factors involved,” he dished to IBT, referring to hair and makeup, numerous interviews, cameras lurking around every corner. “She didn’t get that cameras [were] everywhere. So, I think that threw her off.”

But Motsepe unveiled his partner is ready to woo the judges Monday night as she Foxtrots to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s single “Chicago” during the upcoming episode. The pro dancer also noted Khan will use her boisterous presence as one of her strengths during the installment. “She’s a diva, which I like because when she’s on the floor, people know she’s there.”

Motsepe added fans also will get to know the Windy City-native on a personal level when she tells her “interesting” story during the “Hometown Glory" episode.

“Her life is so interesting,” the dancer told IBT after getting a sneak-peek into the world of the 62-year-old Grammy-winning singer. “We were talking about how she grew up. And I’m like people dream to sit down with Chaka Khan and listen to her stories -- and I just get to listen to them.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.