Terra Jolé Dancing With the Stars
Sasha Farber penned a sweet message about his “Dancing With the Stars” Season 23 partner, Terra Jolé. ABC

Sasha Farber is excited for fans to see what he and his “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Terra Jolé , have in store for Season 23. The ballroom dancer and “Little Women: LA” star have been sharing behind-the-scenes videos and pictures of their rehearsal, and in a new post Sasha penned a sweet message about Terra.

“Words can’t express how proud I am of @terrajole she is working so hard,” he wrote Monday. “From the second I met Terra she has inspired me so much, I’m very lucky to have such an incredible partner. Can’t wait for you guys to see her perform at the premier of @dancingabc #teamXL.”

In an interview last week with “Access Hollywood,” Terra and Sasha opened up about the challenges they may face on the dance floor. Terra, who stands at 4 feet 2 inches, is the first little person to ever join the ABC competition show. “Our biggest challenge has been figuring out how we pair up and how we’re able to turn correctly. … He might be having to take some smaller moves for me, but we’re going to work it out,” Terra said.

The Lifetime reality star also explained why she wanted to join the 2016 cast of “Dancing With the Stars,” telling the outlet that she hopes to show people that she can do whatever she sets her mind to.

“I feel like that everybody maybe thinks I’m not able to do these things,” Terra said, revealing that she gave birth to her second baby just a month before she started rehearsing. “I want to show the world, I want to show America that I’m just handi-capable as anyone else.”

While fans will have to wait and see how Terra and Sasha do on the dance floor, the pair seems to be having a blast getting ready for the premiere. In an Instagram post a few days ago, Terra revealed that she and Sasha have decided to call themselves “Team XL.” “Repost from @sashafarber1 – ITS OFFICIAL! WE ARE #teamXL – so excited to share this journey!” Terra wrote, sharing a picture of her and her partner.

Sasha also posted a funny video of him knocking Terra over with a ball because she was talking on her cell phone instead of practicing her moves. “No cell phones in rehearsals please @terrajole Sasha-1 Terra-1 @dancingabc,” he captioned the video. Terra laughed it off sharing the same video on her page and writing that it’s a “good thing [her] tush is padded!”

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for Season 23 on Sept. 12 at at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.