Daniel Johnston, who suffered with mental health issues, died at 58. However, the indie singer-songwriter passed away of natural death, according to his family and manager and not because of psychological reasons.

Tom Gimbel, who was Johnston’s manager for 25 years, said that the singer died early morning of Wednesday at his home just outside Texas, CNN reported.

Johnston’s mental health issues were reportedly documented but according to Gimbel, his triumphs over them were the ones that stood out. “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” is a documentary film shot in 2005 and while it brought Johnston’s work to a wider scale of audience, it also discussed his bipolar disorder and its manifestation through demonic self-obsession.

Bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness) refers to a disorder in the brain which causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, levels of activity and the ability to carry out everyday, functional tasks. There are four basic types of bipolar disorder depending on the episodes of “ups” and “downs,” the range and severity.

Since bipolar disorder is a life-long illness, it requires a carefully planned treatment which usually includes medication combined with psychotherapy, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

In a statement issued by Johnston family, they confirmed that the singer struggled with mental health problems most of his adult life. Nonetheless, victory was at hand because the singer found a way to channel these issues through art and song.

Johnston was an advocate of mental health issues awareness. His life and music reportedly inspired the Hi, How Are You Project. In fact, Johnston’s birthday (Jan. 22) was the Hi, How Are You Day. The said project was reportedly founded by Gimbel and Courtney Blanton, with the Johnston family’s support. The organization aims to inspire people to talk openly talk about mental health issues.

What drew people to Johnston, reportedly according to Gimbel, was his unpredictability. He described the singer’s multi-faceted performance wherein, at one point, he would give out a heart-moving performance driving people to tears and the next moment he would something comical. This could happen in just one show.

“You never knew what was going to happen at one of Daniel’s shows,” he said. “But it was always incredibly honest and genuine.”

Other than his mental health issues, Johnston reportedly had physical health problems relative to diabetes. Johnston was well-received wherever he went and will always be loved by his fans.

May his soul rest in peace. But his music and art will surely live on and continue to inspire others.