[UPDATE Aug. 10, 2020 11:30 a.m.]: Danielle Muscato responded to International Business Times' original story on Twitter on Aug. 8 by sharing her full account of the story. Her statement about the events that unfolded can be viewed here.

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A new kind of “Karen” has arrived in town, and she goes by a very different name- Danielle.

After a woman named Danielle Muscato, a trans civil rights activist who hosts the “RESIST” podcast, took to Twitter to blast a manager at a Louisville Kroger supermarket over an incident regarding another customer and mask-wearing, the name Danielle quickly began to trend on Twitter, with many quickly rising to the manager’s defense and declaring Danielle as the new “Karen.”

Muscato called out the manager, identified as Andy, over what she felt was his not properly handling an altercation she had with another customer, who was not wearing a mask while shopping. While Andy did speak with the other person, Muscato was outraged that he didn’t enforce a mask policy, which led to her post.

However, her attempt to blast Andy backfired, as many called out the post, claiming that Muscato’s behavior was very “Karen” like-a term born from a meme of women who feel they’ve been wronged in situations, especially while in stores, where they often request to speak to a manager.

Others quickly revealed that Muscato is known to stir up trouble online, meaning that no one should pay any attention to the controversy and shouldn’t berate the manager.

Others also stated that Andy should be given a raise by his bosses for dealing with situations like this, especially during a Pandemic.

Kroger employees and other retail workers have also stuck up for Andy online, explaining that the company’s policy actually tells employees not to enforce the mask policy with customers who refuse to wear them.

Muscato later took to Twitter again to defend herself, stating that Andy’s not enforcing the policy was against store policy based on signs and more.

She also defended that she was someone who would be more at risk for complications from COVID-19 and that she took every precaution she could to protect herself—something she expected others to do too.

“I am high risk in multiple categories. I shop for groceries during slow hours when possible to avoid other people. I don’t go to restaurants. I combine trips. I wear a mask. I do what I'm supposed to do to keep myself and others safe. I expect others to do the same,” she wrote.

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