• Indie brand Grayscale accused Danielle Bernstein of copying one of its skirt designs for her line with Macy's
  • Bernstein allegedly ordered Grayscale's skirt in 2017 and did a product review on YouTube
  • The influencer is also currently in a legal battle with undies brand the Great Eros for allegedly lifting its design

Danielle Bernstein is in hot water again for allegedly copying the design of an indie brand for her own line with Macy's.

Indie brand Grayscale accused the fashion influencer, whose blog-turned brand WeWoreWhat has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, of lifting one of its skirt designs, alleging that Bernstein's piece was a "direct copy."

"In 2017, she ordered one and even did a YouTube review," Grayscale said on Instagram, per Page Six.

Khala Whitney, the Los Angeles-based brand's owner and designer, addressed the issue in a statement to Page Six, saying that Bernstein keeps getting away with plagiarism.

"You never want to be the brand that is in drama or a messy situation. It’s unfortunate this has to happen … She clearly thinks she can get away with anything," she said. "She keeps getting a slap on the wrist and then doing it again. It’s not fair. At a certain point you have to learn, this just isn’t right."

Whitney added that the department store should have noticed that the skirt was not original since it has been worn by high-profile celebrities like Cardi B and Keke Palmer.

"No one at a fashion company thought this looks familiar?" she said.

Whitney, who is Black, also commented on Macy's vow that it will sell more products by Black designers, saying that the incident didn't make sense if this was true.

"Now is not the time to be stealing designs and especially not from black designers," she added.

Bernstein’s lawyers did not address the plagiarism allegations when Page Six asked for comment. The outlet said it was sent a list of the influencer's WeGaveWhat philanthropic endeavors.

The latest complaint against Bernstein comes just weeks after she was hit with a lawsuit from indie underwear brand Great Eros for allegedly copying its nude silhouette design, Page Six reported.

The lawsuit claimed that Bernstein used the brand's pattern on wallpaper, yoga mats and a $195 bathing suit she designed for swimwear brand Onia. She allegedly copied the design after she had seen it when she visited the Eros showroom and "inquired about obtaining [the company’s] products in exchange for promoting" them on her Instagram account.

The company also alleged that Bernstein "has a history of copying others’ designs and passing them off as her own."

In related news, Bernstein was also slammed on Twitter after announcing that she tested positive for COVID-19 in September, with many Twitter users pointing out that she spent the summer gallivanting at the Hamptons.

Danielle Bernstein NEW YORK, NY - MAY 03: Brad Goreski, Danielle Bernstein and Maria Hatzistefanis pose for a photo together as Hatzistefanis and Goreski host Rodial VIP Dinner on May 3, 2017 in New York City. Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images for Rodial