The Dark Knight Rises began filming in New York City late last week after shooting in Los Angeles, and excited passerby have gotten the spoiler treatment, sneaking glimpses of Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, Tom Brady and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as sneak peeks of the Batwing and (spoiler alert!) scenes shot in Trump Tower.

Here are some spoilers from the Gotham NYC and LA sets, including news you won't see in the six-minute Dark Knight Rises preview airing before IMAX screenings of Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol.

John Blake: Ordinary Police Officer?

For someone who the Warner Bros.'s press release says is just an ordinary member of Gotham PD, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been getting a lot of screen time opposite the Dark Knight. The mystery surrounding the Gotham City beat cop has had many wonder what his mysterious assigned special duty will be. In a scene shot in Los Angeles, Calif., an alley is ripped with gunfire and explosions, and Gordon-Levitt is in the middle of the fray.

Trump Tower: Batman Meets The Donald

Adding fuel to the JGL fire, both Gordon-Levitt and Bale appeared outside Trump Tower, which had been redesigned under new moniker Wayne Enterprises. On Oct. 28, Bale was spotted lookily eerily like Patrick Bateman from American Pyscho, being escorted by Gordon-Levitt through a mass of reporters and photographers.

New Villain (Nixon) and Motocross Bikes

Matthew Modine was spotted near the New York Stock Exchange looking terrified, flying along on the back of a mysterious motocross bike. A host of bikers followed with accompanying gun fire, all of them with rear-facing riders that some on set referred to as hostages, lending credence to the rumors that Modine's character, a crooked politican named Nixon, has been kidnapped by Bane and his army.

Nixon, however, may not be all that he seems, despite being painted as a secondary villain in previous spoilers. In recent news, some blogs have begun reporting that Nixon is actually a CIA Special Agent, someone brought in by Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) to bring down Batman who eventually joins the Dark Knight in defeating main baddie Bane.

Batwing, Batcopter
The LA shoots revealed what some are calling the Batwing and others the Batcopter: essentially an airborne version of Batman's tank-like tumbler. On Oct. 31 in Manhattan, the Batwing/copter showed up again, with motrobikes not far behind and Batman in the cockpit.

There have been some concerns about just how air-worthy this epic monstrosity will be-- photos show the vehicle required a massive crane to suspend it-- but spoiler alerts tell us the craft will be used to chase down a bomb throughout Gotham City, and that safety concerns more than technical feasibility (no NYPD cop wants to deal with a giant flying tank) were the reason for the cranes and wires supporting it.

Unidentified Metal Sphere: Holy Mystery, Batman!

Manhattan footage has unveiled another new addition to the DKR universe, but nobody is certain whose side it's on, or even what it does. A machine shaped like a large metal sphere with several rings on it, a timer is displayed at some angles showing either two minutes or twenty seconds on the clock.

Though some believe it may be a bomb like those used by The Joker in The Dark Knight, and others point to microwave emitters from Batman Begins, the menacing, brutal look of the things leads us to suspect it may be a weapon of Bane's, like his much-rumored earthquake machine.

Below, see footage of Dark Knight Rises filming in LA and NYC:

LA Birds-Eye View (skip to 7 minutes for best footage):

A Series of Clips from NYC Filming: