Darien Isn't Daryl
Daryl Hannah's Darien Taylor character in "Wall Street" probably would have liked the idea of an oil pipeline. Reuters

The arrest of Daryl Hannah stemmed from a sit-in in front of the White House protesting an oil pipeline expansion project between the United States and Canada.

The real-life pursuits of the Hollywood star stand in stark contrast to one of her most enduring characters on the silver screen: the decidedly pro-business Darien Taylor in the movie Wall Street.

The character of Darien would no doubt support the Keystone oil pipeline, which could soon be expanded from central Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico. Critics say the way oil is extracted from Canada's oil sands is harmful to the environment.

But Darien Taylor would appreciate the new methods used by the fuel industry to extract fossil fuels. Not to mention a plan to extend one of North America's most vital pipelines.

That's because Darien is an ambitious entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is an interior designer - a spender of other people's money is how she describes herself during the movie. She tells Charlie Sheen's Bud Fox character that she wants to do for interior design what Laura Ashley did for fabrics: Create a smart-looking, affordable line of home furnishings.

The Darien character also tells Bud that when you've had money and lost it, it's much worse than never having had it at all.