Things are getting more dramatic inside the Doll House in this week’s episode of “DASH Dolls.” Khloe Kardashian is forced to intervene after several girls start to make the working environment uncomfortable inside the DASH store due to their personal issues.

The conflict between merchandising manager Durrani and sales associate Lexi starts when Lexi asks Durrani for a favor. She has started a new jewellery business and she wants Durrani to promote it through her Instagram.

Durrani has a strong following on social media, after gaining some popularity due to her involvement with the Kardashian sisters and previous appearances in “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” She explains that due to her strong following, she’s been posting paid ads on her Instagram from various companies.

When she tells Lexi that she will post the pending paid ads first, her friend and colleague doesn’t take it well. She takes it personally and starts trash talking Durrani behind her back. Lexi gets Durrani in trouble for taking selfies in the bathroom during work hours and even goes as far as to go directly to Khloe about her complaints.

Durrani tells Malika about the problems with Lexi and Malika is forced to report everything to the Kardashian sisters. Khloe is enraged by all the petty drama that’s taking place between the employees and threatens to fire anyone who does not get along with everyone else.

Durrani’s best friend Nazy finds out about what Lexi has been doing and confronts her. Eventually, Lexi offers an apology. Nazy then forces Durrani to finally speak to Lexi. the girls hash out their problems after Lexi admits that she feels left out and alone. The girls eventually sort things out and agree to be more open about their issues and work things out before letting things get out of hand.

“DASH Dolls,” is the latest spin-off to the highly successful reality show “Keeping up With the Kardashians.” The show airs every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EDT on E!.