“Dating Naked” Season 3 Spoilers
David and Natalie had to eliminate another round of suitors in Season 3, episode 5 of “Dating Naked.” VH1

No more crazy people. That’s the vow “Dating Naked” stars Natalie and David made after witnessing a number of wacky shenanigans go down in episode 4 of the VH1 dating series.

From jaw-dropping catfights, to a contestant unveiling his vampire-like nature and the debut of Bob (a flirty 69-year-old bachelor), Season 3’s core contestants crossed their fingers for some normalcy. And that’s exactly what they got in episode 5, “Shark Bait and Heart Breaks.”

With Sarah, David’s keeper, being the only one left in the Bora Bora bungalow (Natalie eliminated all three of her contestants in episode 4), both Natalie and David marched onto their prospective dates hoping to find a real connection. Natalie’s first date, a “stupidly charming” New Yorker named Daveed, proved to be successful when he wooed her right from the get go with a chivalrous kiss on the check. Likewise, David was also pleased with Alexis, a Cincinnati girl who shared his love for the Bengals (and lack of knowledge about karate).

Each contestant formed a bond with their suitors over their dates. But “Dating Naked” decided to up the anti by giving David and Natalie another round of potential partners.

Natalie’s second dated was the super buff and seriously sweet suitor JT. The two enjoyed watching one another break a sweat under the Bora Bora sun during their workout date. Meanwhile, David got artistic with the southern belle Ashley as the two partook in a naked, body painting class.

But overall, there was just one person who stuck out to both Natalie and David. During the elimination, David decided to continuing exploring the chemistry he had with the new girls and decided to let Sarah, he episode 4 keeper, go.

Natalie also had to make the difficult decision between keeping the silly New Yorker, whom she shared a steamy kiss with in the pool, or the muscular JT.

“This wasn’t an easy decision but I decided that my keeper will be Daveed!” she announced.

Daveed was all smiles … but the same can’t be sad for JT.

“Man, Natalie is crazy as f--- for eliminating me, man. I feel like she made the biggest mistake of her life. I guess she’s not ready for all these guns,” he said in a confessional while the humble eliminated contestant flexed his biceps.

“Dating Naked” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on VH1.