• A woman in India conspired with her daughter to kill her allegedly abusive husband, police say
  • They attempted to cover up the crime by saying the man suffered injuries from an accident, according to authorities
  • Authorities filed a murder case, and the woman and her daughter were arrested

A local political leader in the Indian state of Karnataka killed her allegedly abusive husband with the help of her daughter after she could no longer tolerate the harassment she received, police said.

The woman, identified as Shobha Amargol, of Marewad village in Dharwad, conspired with her unnamed daughter to achieve the death of her husband, Erappa Amargol, The Times of India reported.

Erappa was an alcoholic who regularly quarreled with Shobha and his daughter, police alleged. Shobha decided to kill him after she became fed up with his alleged harassment, according to authorities.

Shobha, who is the president of Dharwad's rural Bharatiya Janata Party women's morcha, took Erappa's body to Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences hospital in Hubballi and claimed he suffered injuries from an accident in an alleged attempt to cover up the crime.

However, doctors at the medical facility suspected foul play upon looking at the injuries on Erappa's body and informed police.

Investigation and interrogation by police later revealed that Shobha had killed Erappa with the help of the couple's daughter.

Police registered a murder case over the incident, and both Shobha and her daughter have since been arrested.

In a similar incident in 2020, an elderly woman in Red Willow County, Nebraska, fatally shot her husband after she endured nearly 50 years of abuse.

Lavetta Langdon was sentenced to eight to 10 years in prison in Red Willow County Court on July 12, 2021, for the murder of her husband, Larry Langdon, at the couple's McCook home in August 2020.

The elderly woman, who was convicted after pleading no contest to the felony manslaughter of her 79-year-old husband, told police that she shot Larry twice in his sleep after he hit her on both cheeks during an argument over money.

Additionally, she claimed that Larry, whom she married in 1960, had been abusing her for over 50 years.

Lavetta suffered extensive abuse, which included forms of torture and isolation, court records showed. She was allegedly forced to "undress and eat dog food in front of their four daughters" in one instance of abuse.

The state recommended that she receive 12 to 18 years for the killing, which had been captured on home security video. However, Judge David Urbom instead sentenced her to eight to 10 years in prison with the possibility of parole after four years.

"I have to consider what is fair to you, protect the public, and rehabilitate you. I have to consider many factors: age, criminal history, education, etc. There is no question that you, Lavetta, suffer from battery women’s syndrome. No question that you lived in hell, but my review of reports and security camera footage sees the murder unjustified," Urbom said during Lavetta's sentencing.

"The bottom line, you killed a man in cold blood. There is no way I can put you on probation. No one deserved to be murdered. Any less of a sentence I would impose would not be good," the judge explained.

Lavetta was also given credit for 125 days served.

Prosecutors had originally charged her with murder and weapons charges, but those were changed to manslaughter in exchange for the no-contest plea.

Representation. Authorities in the Indian state of Karnataka have arrested local political leader Shobha Amargol after she conspired with her daughter to kill her abusive husband, Erappa Amargol. Pixabay