Days of Our Lives
Andre was betrayed on "Days of Our Lives." NBC

He had hoped his press conference would end with him regaining control as the CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Now however, after a stunning betrayal, Andre will find himself not only no longer a part of his family's company, but reunited with two unexpected familiar faces when he is locked away in a sanitarium on the Friday, Sept. 8 episode of "Days of Our Lives."

Andre (Thaao Penghlis) exposed Kate's (Lauren Koslow) kiss with Roman (Josh Charles) during a press conference in the Salem square, announcing that because of her betrayal in their marriage, he was filing for divorce, which would remove her as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. However, when "Marlena" (Diedre Hall) stepped up to the microphone to prove he was mentally competent to run the company, he was shocked when she instead revealed she had evaluated him and deemed him as the opposite, saying he was dangerous instead on the NBC soap.

Now, Andre is stunned, because he thought he was finally going to get what he wanted, but instead he will quickly be restrained. After his announcement about Kate it will be determined that he needs treatment somewhere in order to become sane and less of a dangerous threat to society—and he will hauled off to the sanitarium.

What Andre had previously been unaware of is that the Marlena he thought he was speaking to was in fact not the good doctor. Instead, she had been replaced by her doppelganger, Hattie (also Hall), and she had an axe to grind with Andre. When he pretended to be Alfie and sent her to prison for his crimes, she swore revenge. Now, she has gotten it.

Andre won't realize how he had been played like a fool however until he gets to the sanitarium, where he will see not one, but two familiar faces. He will be shocked when he sees Marlena and John (Drake Hogestyn) both there as patients as well, and it will quickly dawn on him that he had been tricked by Hattie, who had kidnapped Marlena and assumed her identity, keeping her locked away in the meantime.

The state Andre finds the couple in however could be devastating, as their previous attempt at escape was foiled by an orderly who works for Hattie, and believes that she is the real Marlena, trying to treat the crazier of the two. Since, both have been slated to receive electroshock therapy, which could fry their brains and put them in even more danger than ever before. If the treatment has been administered, then they may not even register who Andre is.

However, if they are still of sound mind and also learn of Andre's imprisonment in the hospital, the three could decide the time has come to work together. If they are going to stop Hattie at all, they need to come up with a solid plan that will see them all safely out of harm's way—but time is running out.

"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.