"Days of Our Lives"
Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) confronts Brady (Eric Martsolff) about his drinking on the Aug. 17 2017 episode of "Days of Our Lives." NBC

She already found Lucas off the wagon and confronted him about what caused him to go down such a dark path. Now, Chloe will set her sights on the other man in Salem who has taken a dark turn on the Thursday, Aug. 17 episode of "Days of Our Lives."

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) was stunned when she came back to Salem to work on her music and found Lucas (Bryan Datillo) thoroughly wasted at the bar. After confronting him on the NBC soap, she learned that his break-up with Adrienne (Judi Evans) had led him down this slippery slope, and asked him to quickly go to an AA meeting so he could get sober again. When she threatened to tell Brady (Eric Martsolf) about what happened, Lucas shockingly informed her that he too had fallen off the wagon, because of his belief that Nicole (Arianne Zucker) was cheating on him with Eric (Greg Vaughan). Chloe managed to get Lucas cut off from drinks and got him home. Now however, she will realize that she needs to turn her attention to Brady.

Chloe will go to see Brady at the Kiriakis mansion to get details, as she is positive Nicole wouldn't jeopardize her relationship with Brady in favor of one with Eric after how hard she worked to get back to him when she thought he was dying—even though that move meant returning to Salem with Holly, and getting arrested for kidnapping her daughter from Chloe, who had custody at the time.

However, when she confronts Brady, he will insist that the evidence is all there, and he knows Nicole has become unfaithful. As he tries to use that however to justify his drinking again, Chloe will refuse to let him off the hook, as she knows how hard he worked to change his ways after he went off the wagon the last time, and she won't let him continue jeopardizing his future.

Of course, Chloe isn't the only one who has since realized Brady is drinking again and lectured him on his behavior. When Brady came home after drinking with Lucas, he ran into Victor (John Aniston), and was telling him how he found the Ramses Amulet in Eric's hotel room when he was searching for evidence of the alleged affair. However, though he told his grandfather that the amulet was the proof they needed to get Sonny (Freddie Smith) out of jail for Deimos' (Vincent Irizarry) murder, Victor rebuffed him and told him that his drinking, as well as his assertions that Eric was sleeping with Nicole, made his claims inadmissible, and ruined the chances of springing Sonny.

Now, Chloe will echo Victor's sentiments about the drinking, and will also remind Brady that it isn't the answer to his problems. She will then tell him the only way he can make things right for himself will be to put the bottles of alcohol down and stop drinking them, then go to Nicole to talk things out. Though he won't want to admit it, Brady may realize she's right, though he won't hesitate to make the talk with Nicole about something else as well, because he genuinely believes Eric has committed murder.

"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.