Everyone is trying to figure out why he broke out of Bayview to share that he believes Will is alive, and now, Hope may be able to get some necessary information from Ben that will reveal whether or not he is telling the truth on the Monday, Oct. 9 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

Everyone in Salem was stunned when Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) crashed the double wedding on the NBC soap to reveal to Sonny (Freddie Smith) that he couldn’t marry Paul (Christopher Sean), because his first husband, Will (Chandler Massey), was actually still alive. The news was shocking because Ben was the one who killed Will by strangling him with a red necktie, and though most quickly decided he was lying with his latest revelation, Sonny decided to hear him out and find out what had led to this new assertion.

His attempt to get answers out of Ben failed to produce anything useful, and he has not been given permission to exhume Will’s body as proof of his death either. He did convince Marlena (Deidre Hall) to talk to Ben, which ended with him swearing that he didn’t see Will alive, nut knew he had survived the attack because someone came to visit him at Bayview and told him that was the case. Marlena was unable to get a name from Ben, but believed she would be able to get the rest of the story after receiving more help examining him.

Now, Hope (Kristian Alfonso), who was recently appointed as the new police commissioner for Salem, has gone in to see Ben, and is trying to probe him for more answers as well. Going with the information Marlena gave her about Ben receiving a visitor, she has pushed the idea that perhaps his father, Clyde (James Read), was the one who came to see him, and may be the person who convinced Ben that he never committed the murder. Sure enough, she has evidence Clyde came to the hospital to see Ben, presumably while he was on the run after he broke out of prison as well, and will produce a surveillance camera photo that shows Clyde at the hospital.

While Ben may not be able to confirm whether or not it was his criminal father who convinced him he didn’t murder Will, he may be able to provide Hope with more details about what exactly he was told. If he can reveal the information that he was given—whether it was from Clyde or someone else, there will be a lead that the police can follow up on as they try to figure out if Ben’s claim is true.

While looking into things could be important for Sonny and Paul’s now uncertain future, it could also be deemed a waste of department time and money as well however, assuming the information Ben gives isn’t anything that is really useful. If that winds up being the case, and no additional resources are used to look into the situation, it could mean that those seeking answers may need to start resorting to some of their own less than legal tactics to get to the truth.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.