The truth about the baby she’s been claiming is hers is finally out, putting her freedom in jeopardy. Now, Bonnie will prepare to leave Salem behind once more on the Tuesday, Nov. 6 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

Bonnie (Judi Evans) came back to town with a baby she claimed was one she made with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), and a DNA test seemed to prove it. The baby’s existence was keeping her from being sent back to prison for both impersonating Adrienne (also Evans) and for the murder she was believed to have committed, but there was a twist to her story on the NBC soap. As it turned out, the baby was actually her daughter Mimi’s (Farah Fath), and the father was Lucas’ half-brother, Rex (Kyle Lowder). Bonnie had convinced Mimi to let her use the baby for her plot in exchange for not revealing the truth about her father’s murder.

However, with the custody battle looming, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) was becoming increasingly more suspicious that the story Bonnie was telling was wrong, and she began to suspect Mimi was the baby’s mother. After conducting a second DNA test in secret, she received the confirmation and revealed the truth during Rex and Sarah’s (Lindsey Godfrey) engagement party.

Now, with no baby to protect her from prison anymore, Bonnie has to prepare to say her goodbyes to Salem. She will make sure to share a farewell with her daughter and granddaughter, but once she finishes with that, she’ll be gone. However, while it’s been determined that she should be heading back to jail, she likely won’t leave town in handcuffs.

Bonnie wasn’t the only doppelganger back in Salem, with Hattie (Deidre Hall) impersonating Marlena (also Hall) again for the sake of her recovery from her gunshot wounds. Though the other woman has since agreed to let Marlena have her life—and her husband—back, it doesn’t mean she won’t be willing to still wreak a little havoc before she also goes. She and Bonnie have worked together before, and are still good friends, so she may try and do her a favor and help her escape as quickly as possible.

Of course, if Bonnie manages to give the authorities the slip, Hattie will have to explain her actions or risk winding up in jail in her friend’s place.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.