It has been a brutal battle wrought with nasty debates about immigration and crime and dirty plays. Now, Election Day has arrived in Salem, and before it is over on the Thursday, May 9 episode of “Days of Our Lives,” either Abe or Jack will emerge victoriously.

The main issue that the two men have done battle over on the NBC soap has been immigration, specifically in the case of Haley (Thia Megia), who got to stay in Salem after marrying Tripp (Lucas Adams). In addition, the infiltration of the El Fideo drug cartel has posed a problem for Abe (James Reynolds), and recent events where they were believed to be responsible for Holly’s presumed death are certainly only going to further boost Jack’s (Matthew Ashford) anti-immigration stance and platform as the voters head to the polls. However, Jack may have slipped somewhat after the last debate, when he tried to make it seem as though Abe had forced himself on Sheila (Tionne Watkins), only for JJ (Casey Moss) to out the fact that he had raped Kayla (Mary Betha Evans) years ago to the press.

Still, the big day has arrived—and there may be a way for Jack to get a last-minute edge that truly keeps him ahead of Abe and gives him the power to now rule Salem.

“Claire delivers the goods to Eve,” spoilers reveal.

Claire (Olivia Keegan) has been working with eve (Kassie DePaiva) and Jack to try and get Haley deported, especially since Tripp is her boyfriend, and since his marriage of convenience, she has also lost her home in the loft and wants revenge. Though a previous attempt to dupe Tripp into confessing the marriage was a fake failed to materialize, allowing the wedding to happen and Claire to be kicked out, she may have since found a new way to prove the relationship is false—and will likely hand it off to Eve so she and Jack can brandish it and triumph over Abe at the last minute.

However, Jack could also wind up having some unexpected upheaval as the voters choose their next mayor, as the one woman who has managed to get under his skin briefly with some memories of the man he really was in the past returns to town and sees him before the results come in.

“Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) returns from her trip and runs into Jack,” spoilers state.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.