Days of Our Lives
Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) tells jack (Matthew Ashford) that Dr. Rolf’s diary has been found, and she urges him to take the serum to get his memory back on the June 25, 2019 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”  NBC

She had been hoping that he would one day get his memories back and maybe get a real fresh start as the man he used to be. Now, with news that Rolf’s diary has been found and the serum to restore his memories is available, Jennifer will stun Jack when she makes a request he gives it a shot on the Tuesday, June 25 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

The formula, which previously helped Will (Chandler Massey) regain his memories, had been seemingly lost on the NBC soap after Rolf’s (William Utay) diary containing the formula went missing. It eventually transferred to Eve (Kassie DePaiva), who was hiding it mainly so Jack (Matthew Ashford) wouldn’t be able to get it, and eventually Xander (Paul Tefler), who stole it from her and blackmailed her. From there, he eventually turned it in to help save Will’s life after he got a brain tumor and needed the antidote formula. Now, with his life no longer in danger and all of the necessary formulas available, everyone else who has no recollection of their previous lives in Salem has a chance to get them back—including Jack.

Since his return, Jack hasn’t remembered much about his love story with Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), or even anything about his kids, Abigail and JJ (Casey Moss). He has also fallen for Eve’s manipulations as well and not only married her but become the town’s mayor with the intent on wreaking havoc, especially for JJ, who had fallen for Haley (This Megia), an illegal immigrant from China who was forced to leave because she was outed. Jennifer has been disgusted by her former love’s behavior, but also hopeful that one day he’d come back and be the man he once he was. Now, with the formula back in play, she has a chance to convince him.

“Jennifer tells Jack that Dr. Rolf’s diary has been found, and she urges him to take the serum to get his memory back,” spoilers reveal.

Jack will likely be stunned by the news and also hesitant, since the man he’s been since his return always suspects Jennifer of having ulterior motives. Still, the idea of being able to get his memories back may intrigue him enough to consider it.

However, even if he does, he will still have one other person who would need convincing that it’s the right thing for him to do, and she is the one who can stop him in his tracks. Whether Jack chooses to take Jennifer’s advice or once again go through Eve will be the thing that determines what his future really holds.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.