He stole his baby and passed it off as the one that Sarah had given birth to instead and has been desperate to keep the truth a secret. Now, with the truth at risk of being revealed, Xander will make an urgent request which bewilders Brady on the Friday, Jan. 31 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

Since Xander swapped Sarah’s (Linsey Godfrey) dead baby with Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) and Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) last year, he has been living as the father to Mickey, aware the whole time that she is not who anyone thinks she is. Even though his role in the baby’s life was reduced when the truth came out about her being Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) baby, he has still been focused on the truth not getting out. However, with Mickey’s cancer diagnosis and the need for a bone marrow transplant, the risk of the truth being revealed has increased tenfold.

Now, with Eric and Sarah both testing to see if they are a match for their “daughter” so they can provide what she needs to survive, Xander may make a request to Brady regarding the testing—and it could cause the other man to start questioning why he is so concerned.

“Brady is thrown by Xander’s urgent request,” spoilers reveal.

Xander could request that Brady be tested for the match as Mickey’s uncle, which might be something he questions since Xander no longer has any claim to Mickey. However, since Xander knows that Brady is the real father, he may be insistent that he be tested—but could also try to keep him from doing so as well. If he insists Brady does not try to help and be a match for his niece, it could raise the red flag.

No matter what Xander requests, it could start making some questions get raised about his concerns since no one knows what really happened the night the babies were born or the lengths that Xander and Victor (John Aniston) went to in order to make sure no one would find out.

Meanwhile, as those red flags continue to get raised, the other big secrets in Salem are also finally being exposed in regards to Princess Gina/Hope (Kristian Alfonso), whose identity was finally figured out. However, she has managed to succeed at kidnapping Marlena (Deidre Hall), and no one is any the wiser to where she’s taken her yet. Unfortunately, they don’t know that Stefano has been masquerading as Steve (Stephen Nicholls) and that he and Gina worked together on a plot that would separate Marlena and John (Drake Hogestyn). In Prague, “Steve” successfully tricked John and was able to leave him for dead. Now, he will head back to the US and encounter Marlena—where he will deliver the news he is hoping will force her with him.

“‘Steve’ informs Marlena that John is dead,” spoilers state.

“Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

Days of Our Lives
Brady (Eric Martsolf) is thrown by Xander’s (Paul Telfer) urgent request on the Jan. 31, 2020 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”  XJ Johnson/JPI Studios for NBC