In a bizarre incident, an 8-year-old child in India has claimed he is the reincarnation of a 13-year-old boy, who had drowned in a canal eight years ago.

The child, who reached the dead teenager's house in Nagla Salehi village in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday, narrated incidents from his previous birth, shocking the residents of the area.

The teenager, identified as Rohit Kumar, was declared dead on May 4, 2013, after he drowned in a canal while taking bath. Rohit's father, Pramod Kumar, lives in the same house in the village with his daughter.

The 8-year-old boy identified as Chandraveer, who is a resident of a nearby village, arrived at Pramod's house, claiming he was their son from a previous birth. On meeting his "previous" family, the boy started narrating stories of his previous birth and how he had died, India Today reported. He also identified his sister.

Villagers, who gathered outside the house to hear the stories of reincarnation, were left amazed and shocked. When the principal of the village school stopped by the house, Chandraveer immediately identified him as he allegedly knew him from his previous life.

To get enough proof of his story, villagers took Chandraveer to the school where Rohit studied. Teachers asked him questions that only Rohit could have answered. To everyone's surprise Chandraveer answered all the questions correctly, reported [Google Translate showed].

Chandraveer's father Shankhwar said his son had been talking about his reincarnation since childhood. Shankhwar said his boy would often try to run towards Rohit's village and insisted he wanted to meet his parents from his previous life. However, as they feared of losing him, they always avoided bringing him to the village. Both the families are in a state of shock as to how Chandraveer remembers every detail of Rohit's life without even having heard about him or his family.

Many people across the world believe the phenomenon of reincarnation exists. However, there is no scientific way to prove that people are born again.

Representational image. Pixabay