A snake catcher in Australia shocked the internet after he posted a photo of a deadly snake camouflaged in a woodland. The image was taken and shared on Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers' Facebook page.

“See how you go with this one. Bonus points for being able to name the species as well," the post said. The image was part of a game called "Spot the Snake Sunday." Click here to see the image.

"It’s been another busy week of snakes on the move – summer is in full swing," the snake catcher added.

The image of the snake was taken in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Hundreds of users participated in the game, trying to spot the venomous snake. However, most of them failed to see the reptile.

"I have been bitten twice just looking," one person joked. Another person said: "I believe this snake won the game of hide and seek with me."

A third user said the snake is "invisible" and "the worst kind."

Other people said if they were in the location, they would have been "dead by now" as they would be unable to see the snake.

Another user suggested to "burn the whole place" after failing the spot the creature.

People also took to the comments section to guess the species of the snake. Some users said the reptile in the photo could be a black snake, scrub python or black-headed python. Many people claimed to have spotted the snake dangling from a tree, while others said the reptile was crawling along the floor.

A member of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers team later revealed that the picture showed a yellow-faced whip snake – a deadly snake found commonly in Australia. The snake was in the centre-left of the photograph, hiding between some leaves.

Snakes are often found in weird locations, forcing residents to call reptile catchers to relocate them.

In a recent incident, an Australian family was shocked spot a massive deadly snake in their home backyard. The family was sitting on their deck when their pet dog started barking. This is when the family saw the snake. "The resident spotted some silvery brown scales through the gaps. The snake pushed it's large head against the gaps and tried to get through," snake catcher Kane posted on Facebook page WILD, last week.

Snake Pixabay