A highly venomous snake was relocated after it was found inside a dog's water bowl in Brisbane, Australia, on Wednesday.

The home owners noticed the red-bellied black snake inside the water bowl placed in the backyard near the back door and immediately contacted snake catcher Joshua Castle. By the time Castle arrived, the reptile had moved behind the bowl.

"Highly venomous red-bellied black snake was first located sitting in the dog’s water bowl. When I arrived it had moved slightly to hide behind the bowl," Castle told International Business Times.

When Castle attempted to capture the snake, it got defensive.

"The snake was a little tricky to get, as I went to grab him, he got a bit defensive and flattened out at me," he told IBT.

Castle managed to capture the reptile following a 15-minute rescue operation. The snake was then released into its natural environment.

"The snake been released back into a lake like area. They eat animals like frogs so it’s best to be released back into its natural environment," he said.

Castle believes if the owners had not noticed the snake at the right moment, it would have bitten the pet dog.

"The home owners are very lucky they noticed it, the dog could have got bitten when he went to go for a drink," Castle said.

Castle took to Facebook to post photos of the reptile. In one of the photos, the snake can be seen hiding behind the bowl.

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Castle had recently spoken to IBT regarding why snakes end up in unusual places such as people’s bedrooms, kitchen or toilet.

"Smaller species often get brought inside the home by a cat, larger species end up inside by accident through cat/dog doors and/or flyscreen holes due to temperature. It may be too hot outside so they need to cool off inside on tiles. They also sneak in through door s and windows that are left open for longer than needed. Some species of snakes can slither up the pipework to your toilet /sink/shower, this often happens by accident too, they either were looking for water or they got into a disagreement with a cat and bolted into the sewage," he had said.

Red Bellied Black Snake
A Red-bellied Black Snake showing its tongue. GETTY IMAGES