• It was almost 6 feet long and weighed close to 4 pounds
  • The eastern brown snake was found slithering through the courtyard at an aged care facility in Canberra
  • Snake catcher Gavin Smith said the reptile resembled a diamond python

A massive eastern brown snake that was "three times bigger" than normal was caught at an aged care facility in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, on Sunday.

Snake catcher Gavin Smith arrived at the facility Sunday and was shocked to find the massive reptile. Instead of releasing the reptile in the woods, the snake catcher took it to a local vet. He was told the reptile was almost 6 feet in length and weighed close to 4 pounds, which is three times more than an adult male eastern brown snake.

"I haven't caught a snake quite like that before … it was a whopping snake. I'd say it was three times heavier and bigger and stronger than your average eastern brown snake. From my perspective that's one of the biggest species found around here and I doubt there will be many more that I get to work with quite like it," he told Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Smith said the reptile, which resembled a diamond python, was probably feeding on larger animals like rabbits to survive.

"Snakes can only get that big when they're smart animals and have found a way of surviving all these threats they face," he told the broadcasting company.

Smith also took to his Facebook page, ACT Snake Removal, to speak about the discovery.

Calling it the "largest eastern brown snake" he ever caught, Smith said, "This big fella was caught at an age care facility, after it had tracked through the residents’ courtyard, likely following a scent trail. It’s now in an environment almost identical to that from whence it came, but a bit further away from people."

"Approximately 1.8m (6 feet) in length, this whopper weighed in at a massive 1.830kg (4 pounds)!! To give you some idea of its excessive bulk, proportionate to the average adult brown snake that weighs maybe 650g, this guy approx three times heavier and resembled a python in girth!! Would love to know what its prey items are these days, likely rabbits. But you certainly don’t get that big and strong without being a decent age, and having a lot of sense. What a truly magnificent and majestic being!" he wrote in the Facebook post, along with photos of him holding the snake with his bare hands.

The post soon went viral, with people calling the snake "incredibly beautiful."

eastern brown snake This photo taken on September 25, 2012 shows a deadly Australia eastern brown snake. Photo: WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images