Kyle Chandler
Is Kyle Chandler the right choice to play Cable in “Deadpool 2”? Pictured: Chandler at the Premiere of Netflix’s Bloodline in Westwood, California, on May 24, 2016. Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer

The producers of the upcoming “Deadpool 2” film have an actor in mind to play the character Cable. Writer Jeff Sneider of told “Meet the Movie Press” that producers want “Friday Night Lights” star Kyle Chandler to play Cable.

“There’s been a name floating around for Cable for months. Hasn’t changed. Don’t know if it’s changed. Didn’t make any calls about this,” Sneider said.

“This was just the name that has been out there for months. So take this with a gigantic grain of salt. The biggest grain of salt your tiny little brain can imagine,” he continued. “The name that is floating around for Cable right now is Kyle Chandler.”

Teased during the post-credits scene of “Deadpool,” Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool character confirmed Cable’s appearance in the sequel, telling viewers, “The sequel? We’re gonna have Cable. Amazing character. Bionic arm, time travel! We have no idea who we’re going to cast yet, but it could be anyone.”

For those unfamiliar with Cable, he is the rough and rugged son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a Jean Grey clone). Born with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, Cable is a time traveler, who teamed up with Deadpool in the comic book series “Cable & Deadpool” in 2004. The series has been noted for its mix of humor, action and intricate plots, and the duo was ranked by as one of Marvel’s “10 best buddy teams.”

While Chandler has the acting prowess to play a character like Cable — “King Kong,” “Bloodline” and “Thirty Dark Zero”— his small frame and lack of star power may make him the wrong choice for the role.

1. He Doesn’t Have The Look

With advancements in CGI, anyone’s look can be changed for a movie but at first glance, Chandler doesn’t have the physique and look to play the character. Cable is muscular and rugged looking, while Chandler has a nice guy look with a baby face. The average-sized Chandler would have to do some serious bulking up to look like the ripped Cable whose veins show on his large biceps.

2. He Doesn’t Do Many Action Films

While Chandler does have some action films under his belt, the actor mainly sticks to dramas and thrillers. Could Chandler have what it takes to star in an action-heavy film like “Deadpool”?

3. He Isn’t Popular Enough For A Spin-Off

Although Cable isn’t as popular as other X-Men characters such as Wolverine or Gambit, the studio behind “Deadpool” believes that Cable’s appearance in “Deadpool 2” could lead to a spin-off. According to to Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap, the studio has a bigger name in mind for the role.

Hoping that someone can carry a Cable franchise, the studio is reportedly looking at Liam Neeson. After starring in three “Taken” films, Neeson has proved that he can star and lead in a franchise, something that Chandler may be unable to do.