Niantic Labs continues to disappoint “Pokémon GO” players this week. Hardcore fans of the augmented reality Pokémon-themed game are currently mad at the developer for handling the latest in-game event poorly.

On Wednesday, several Trainers flocked to a subreddit about the Pokémon Day Event to express their disappointment over the event’s delayed notification and the questionable spawn rate of Party Hat Pikachu despite being the star of Pokémon Day.

In a thread Reddit user ppafford started, many players shared their not-so-pleasing experience with the in-game event. For Reddit user Cylon_Toast, the problem is not just the ongoing event, but also how the notifications for in-game happenings appear at a rather late time. “You know I always found it weird that we get these pop-ups days after the event started,” he wrote.

Another Redditor questioned why Niantic is always late when it comes to disseminating information about the in-game events. “Can someone explain to me why these ‘notifications’ always arrive super late? Like they announced this days ago, and I found out about partychu because of this sub. And I just got an announcement about the berries two days ago.”

Aside from the delayed notifications irking players, other patrons of the mobile game pointed out how catching a Festive Party Hat Pikachu has become an impossible task. “Got the invite but [Party Hat Pikachu] he’s a no-show to the party,” user ppafford wrote. Previously, we reported about numerous complaints on how the special Pikachu is not spawning in their local area. However, many have come out to say that the Festive Pikachu is not very rare anymore.”

The Pokémon GO team announced on Feb. 24 the Pokémon Day event that is running from Feb. 26 through March 6. Throughout the in-game event, players are advised to catch their very own Festive Party Hat Pikachu because they will get to keep the hat even after this in-game event.