Pokémon Duel” is getting a new update this Thursday, and it is said to bring some changes to select Pokémon in the game. The update is also expected to address the issue with Magikarp’s Rapid Evolution ability.

Serebii reported Wednesday that a new version of “Pokémon Duel” is slated for release this Thursday, March 2. The Pokémon fan site stated that the update is rolling out once the weekly maintenance is finished and that one of the things players will notice right away is the fix to Magikarp’s Rapid Evolution ability.

Magikarp is known for being the weakest and most pathetic monster in the Pokémon games. The same thing can be said of the Water Pokémon in “Pokémon Duel.” Fortunately, it has this Rapid Evolution ability that allows it to evolve to its stronger form Gyarados once it faints during a duel, as pointed out by Pokémon Duel Strategy. However, some players are having a hard time activating this Rapid Evolution ability. So it’s a good thing that The Pokémon Company is addressing this problem in the new update. 

In addition, some changes to certain pocket monsters will also be implemented in this update. For example, Charizard will now have the Speed Booster ability that increases the Fire/Flying Pokémon’s Movement by 1 once it has evolved. Charizard’s Iron Tail Move has also been modified to Dragon Tail.

Another creature that will noticeably be different in the mobile board game is Tyranitar. The Dark/Rock-type Pokémon will now have the Speed Booster ability. Its Bite Power will also see an increase from 40 to 50, while its Size of Miss piece will be reduced. Moreover, the position of Earthquake and Crunch are swapped in the upcoming update.

Changes to Zygarde and Metagross will also be implemented in the new version of “Pokémon Duel.” For the Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon, its Dragon Breath Power will increase from 80 to 100, while its Land’s Wrath Power will see a boost from 60 to 70. On the other hand, the Psychic/Steel Pokémon is getting a new ability called Rapid Calculation that disregards the effects of ability-forced re-spin. Its Metal Claw Power will also increase from 80 to 900.

“Pokémon Duel” is a strategy board game wherein gamers use Pokémon figures to win battles. Just like “Pokémon GO,” it is a free-to-download mobile game available to both iOS and Android devices.

A new version of “Pokémon Duel” is rolling out to Google's Play Store and Apple's iOS App Store this Thursday.