Demi Lovato will be sharing some shocking revelations about herself in her upcoming YouTube documentary, “Simply Complicated.”

Ahead of its release, the 25-year-old singer spoke with Entertainment Tonight and teased what topics she will tackle in the video. “I lay it out on the line and I’m very, very honest. When I share things with my fans, I want to be honest and real, so I do. I share all that with them,” she said.

In her documentary, Lovato will admit that she tried cocaine when she was just 17 years old and “loved it.” “That’s the type of honesty that people need to hear in order to protect themselves from possibly going down that road, because drugs and alcohol are so tempting,” she said.

But Lovato also had a change of heart at a very young age. When she was 19, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer realized that she needed to get sober so she could take control of her own life. “I had a few moments in my life that I decided I wanted to change. I think when I went into treatment, I decided to talk about the reasons why I was in treatment, and that was when I was 18. When I was 19, I knew I had to get sober and so that was another pivotal moment,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lovato is also expected to talk about her sexuality in “Simply Complicated.” Last month, the former child star was asked whether or not she’s bisexual. However, she refused to directly answer the question during her interview with Pride Source.

Instead, Lovato urged her fans to tune in to her documentary and when asked if she talked about her sexuality there, she said, “Yeah, some about that. Because if I ever want to talk about it, I want it to be on my own terms.”

In “Simply Complicated,” Lovato will also reveal the status of her heart and tell everyone that she is single at the moment. “I value my time by myself now, and I value my time with my friends. And I have just learned to really appreciate my me time and getting to know myself and learning to fall in love with myself before I fall in love with anyone else,” she said.

“Simply Complicated” will be released on Oct. 17.