Demi Moore, who hasn't shown her face much since her stint in rehab earlier this year after her break up with Ashton Kutcher, is now showing a radically different face for a new advertisement for a Helena Rubinstein campaign, with critics saying the photos used too much airbrush editing and Photoshop.

The new photo ads featuring Moore, 49, for Helena Rubenstein were released on Monday, showing a quite youthful looking Moore with not a wrinkle or a line and altered skin tone and facial shape.

Let's see, there's absolutely no wrinkles or facial lines whatsoever, her nose and chin seem a different shape and suddenly, her tan has vanished, wrote E!'s Bruna Nessif. We understand that all ads and widely distributed photos get some retouching done, it's part of the biz, but it's freakin' Demi Moore. How much do you really have to fix?

Life and Style Picture Editor Craig Gunn agreed with Nessif, telling the Daily Mail the photos have an alien effect.

It's the first ad campaign Moore has worked on since her acrimonious split from actor Ashton Kutcher, following speculation of his alleged infidelity. After an incident at a house party, Demi was hospitalized and subsequently checked into rehabilitation. She returned to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, but has not been spotted in public since.

Without seeing the original photographs I can only speculate, Gunn said. But it looks as though the skintone has been heavily airbrushed, with quite a thick application of the brush. Doing this gets rid of all pit marks, pores, moles, blemishes and fine hairs on the face to create a smoother look.

The magazine and cosmetic industry have been under fire for years for altering images in their ad campaigns and editorials, but though heavily criticized, the practice remains status quo. However, according to Gunn, the practice is false beauty.

When you start taking away people's skintones and smoothing out their features, they look like mannequins, Gunn said. You're removing the human elements of the face. Still, it's commonplace in the beauty industry. It's all about creating symmetry - but it's a false beauty.

This is the first ad campaign featuring Demi Moore since she split from Ashton Kutcher at the end of last year, which was rumored to be over an infidelity. The split, and a heavily publicized hospitalizion scandal, prompted Moore to check into rehab due to the stresses in her life, according to her rep.

Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health, her spokesperson told Reuters of her rehab visit for drug addiction and eating disorder.