A topless photo of Demi Moore is making the rounds on on Twitter today -- but not because anyone's account was hacked. The outgoing actress tweeted the photo herself!

Alas, there is nothing particularly salacious about the photo, which the actress took of herself standing in front of the mirror. The only thing exposed is her bare back.

It is unclear why Mrs. Kutcher tweeted the photo, except to spread the message she posted with it: remember...you've got you're own back.

This is not Moore's first controversial nude photo...In 1991, the very pregnant actress posed nude for the cover of Vanity Fair. Though many were initally shocked by the photo, others would follow [birthday] suit over the years.

It did seem to give a little bit more permission to feel sexy, attractive when you're pregnant, Moore told V Magazine of the photo and the public's reaaction. But I really didn't expect for the response to be what it was. I was pretty shocked.