•  The "Demon's Souls" remake is getting a $90 digital deluxe edition on the PlayStation 5
  • The digital deluxe edition adds new armor, new weapons and accessories to the game
  • This PS5-exclusive title launches with the next-gen console on Nov. 12

An action role-playing game from the days of the PlayStation 3 is getting a digital deluxe edition on top of a remake for the PlayStation 5.

Special items that were not present in the PS3 original will be included in the $90 digital deluxe edition of “Demon’s Souls.” According to PlayStation's website, these include new playable weapons Hoplite Shield and enormous cleaver Ritual Blade.

The bundle also includes two new armor sets, Red-Eye Knight and Boletarian Royalty Armor, as well as items like the Ring of Longevity, Preservation Grains, the Moonlightstone Shard, Legendary Hero Soul, Renowned Warrior Soul and Storied Warrior Soul.

Those who preorder either the standard edition or the digital deluxe edition from the PlayStation Store will receive the Reaper Scythe weapon as DLC. So deadly is the Reaper Scythe that it is described by Sony as “a pole weapon with a curved blade on one end that is so sharp that they say it can sever your soul from your body.”

The “Demon’s Souls” remake deluxe edition comes with an original soundtrack and is expected to feature some new mechanics as well, Digital Trends noted.

“Demon’s Souls” will be available upon the launch of the PlayStation 5 in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea on Nov. 12. The next-gen console will be released to the rest of the world on Nov. 19.

The standard edition is one of the first base games to be priced at $70.

Developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment and Altus USA, “Demon’s Souls” was released for the PS3 back in 2009. Despite having difficulty finding success in Japan, it became a commercial and critical success in the West, paving the way for a PS5 remake.

In the original “Demon’s Souls,” players took on the role of a hero brought to the fallen kingdom of Boletaria to slay the fallen 12th king of the kingdom, Allant. The kingdom has been consumed by a dark being called the Old One. Released from imprisonment through the use of Forbidden Soul Arts, the Old One must be taken down.

Sony's new PlayStation 5
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