After Wednesday night’s episode,“Designated Survivor,” which stars Kiefer Sutherland, will be on ABC no more. The network announced on Friday that it's opted not to renew the political drama for a third season, but all hope is not lost for the series. The company that handles the show, eOne, is currently looking to find it a new home.

“We’re right at the beginning but there’s more to play on that one,” an eOne executive told Deadline. The source said that “it’s not over” yet for the Sutherland-led series and that it’s being shopped around to other places. It worked for the recently-canceled “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which was picked up by NBC only one day after Fox dropped it.

To further get the word out about “Designated Survivor” and the search for its new home, eOne released a statement that it’s “in active discussions with other parties for further series of the show.” One of the big monetary draws of the series comes from its lucrative international deals. It airs on CTV in Canada and streams on Netflix all over. With those two companies already previously involved, it’s likely that eOne has gone out to them with pitches to pick up the show.

Whether the show finds a new home or not, there is still at least one new episode left for fans to enjoy. When the season and, as of now, series finale airs on Wednesday, viewers will get the chance to see a little bit more of the show’s original characters — Sutherland’s President Kirkman, Italia Ricci’s Emily, Kal Penn’s Seth, Adan Canto’s Aaron, and Maggie Q’s Hannah — as well as a bunch of the ones who have joined along the way.

During this “Designated Survivor” episode, titled “Run,” President Kirkman must continue to deal with the chaos revolving around the hacker and Congressional investigation, all while two White House staffers have their lives on the line because of a natural disaster. Elsewhere, President Kirkman surprises even his closest staffers “when he makes an announcement no one saw coming,” the official synopsis teases. This episode was written by Keith Eisner and directed by Chris Grismer.

The “Designated Survivor” finale airs on ABC on Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT.