A sequel to 2014’s Destiny has been in the works at for a while and thanks to a potential retailer leak, fans now have several things to look forward to this summer. Via Lega Network and Kotaku, two leaked posters from an Italian retailer give several details on Destiny 2 and a possible release date.

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The first poster mentions an upcoming beta, while the second lists a Sept. 8 release date for Destiny 2. Sept. 8 could be a European release date for the game, since it’s a Friday, which is when games are traditionally released in Europe. While plans for Destiny 2 were hinted at in an Activision earnings call, Kotaku said Bungie potentially plans to officially announce the game Thursday.

Destiny, which was originally released in late 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, was notable for being developer Bungie’s first major release after the Halo series. Destiny was followed by expansion packs Destiny: The Taken King, which was released in late 2015, and Destiny: Rise of Iron, which came out last fall.

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While few major details have leaked out about Destiny 2, Bungie has indirectly hinted about the direction and approach they want to take with the sequel. The studio has suggested that they want to take a clean slate to Destiny 2 with new planets and a revamped character roster similar to what developer Blizzard did in the jump from Diablo to Diablo II.