• Bring weapons to fight against Overload and Unstoppable champions as well as all shield types
  • Supers with strong mob clear and the Warlock's Well of Radiance are recommended
  • Be careful not to get thrown off the map during the final boss fight

This week’s Nightfall playlist features one of the more difficult strikes to accomplish and many players, especially the newer ones, may find this mission a pain to grind.

The Corrupted strike in the Dreaming City will have players fight through hordes of Hive and Taken and traverse the Ascendant Plane to save a lost Techeun. Like the Exodus Crash, the Nightfall version of this strike is notorious for being relatively lengthy with a difficult final boss fight, especially in the Grandmaster difficulty.

While it’s true that The Corrupted can be troublesome in Legend difficulty and above, players can still get their 100K finishes with a little bit of planning, Here are a few tips and recommendations on how to beat this Nightfall.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 adds a new set of dinosaur-themed armor for each of the Guardian classes Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 adds a new set of dinosaur-themed armor for each of the Guardian classes Photo: Bungie

Team Compositions And Build Recommendations

The majority of the enemies in this strike will have Arc shields but there will be a few Void and Solar ones at the beginning and end of the mission respectively. Bringing one of each element is advised, but Arc damage takes priority.

The Lorentz Driver is great for clearing Void shields at the beginning while still offering great single-target and AoE damage for the rest of the strike. Other AoE weapons like Trinity Ghoul and Sunshot are especially useful for the majority of the encounters here as swarms of melee enemies tend to charge at players.

Fusion Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles are excellent for taking out tough enemies like Ogres and Knights. They’re also great for melting the boss at the end of the strike. The Cartesian Coordinate and the Vex Mythoclast can be very valuable in this strike, especially in higher difficulties.

A Warlock with a Well of Radiance and the Phoenix Protocol exotic is highly recommended for this strike since many encounters involve dozens of weak enemies. Other classes using roaming Supers are also recommended for the added clearing potential.

The Corrupted Nightfall Tips

It’s important to know that Awoken Relics at the Elevator and the boss room can be passed to other teammates to boost the Relics’ power when thrown. This is especially useful at the Elevator segment, as a fully-charged Relic can outright delete shielded enemies.

Upon reaching the large hall with the giant Ogres, players should concentrate their efforts on taking out the mini-bosses as quickly as possible to prevent the Hive from overwhelming them.

As for the boss, have one fireteam member collect and throw Relics while the other two clear adds and damage the boss. Upon reaching the second boss room in the Ascended Plane, players should try to keep a wall behind their backs so they don’t get thrown off the platform when fighting the boss.