Bungie has outlined what Guardians have to look forward to for “Destiny 2’s” ninth season, “Season of Dawn.”

The changes and content were revealed during a livestream Wednesday showing off the new mode, gear, and changes coming in “Season of Dawn.” Building on "Shadowkeep" and “Season of the Undying,” the new season will have Guardians return to Mercury after battling the Vex to help Osiris push back the Cabal and prevent them from changing the timeline while the Vex are weakened.

One of the biggest additions coming to “Season of Dawn” for lore fans is the official introduction of Saint-14. In the universe, Saint-14 is considered one of the greatest titans in history and was close with Osiris. He was killed by the Vex centuries before players’ Guardian awakened searching for Osiris, who had disappeared on Mercury. Players found his body in the Infinite Forest during “Curse of Osiris,” but some time manipulation on part of Osiris will allow the titan to cheat death.

The Sundial will be the centerpiece and will replace Vex Offensive as the seasonal, six-player activity for “Season of Dawn” season pass owners. Players can go in as a pre-made team or through matchmaking to push back against Cabal invaders in their efforts to repair the timeline. Bosses will rotate weekly, with three set to be added during the season.

Two new exotic quests will also be available to season pass owners. The first will be an exotic sidearm named Devil’s Run while the second weapon is titled the Bastion, but it isn’t clear what type of weapon it is.

A third exotic weapon, a scout rifle, will be earnable through grinding season ranks.

Players will also be able to enjoy the return of “The Dawning” and “Crimson Days” events, themed after Christmas and Valentine’s Day, respectively. Another event, the “Empyrean Foundation,” will also be introduced, though Bungie has provided no details.

Other key additions and changes coming in “Season of Dawn” include a new seasonal artifact to provide new seasonal mods and help players level. Obelisks will appear in several zones, starting with the EDZ and Nessus, though Bungie has been coy with details on them. Elimination will also be returning as a mode for PvP, along with fan-favorite map, Rusted Lands, from “Destiny.”