Sunbreaker will be introduced in "The Taken King" downloadable content of Bungie's "Destiny." Bungie

The newest major update to hit “Destiny,” titled "The Taken King" expansion, is set to launch in two months. Bungie blog reported the developer gave more detail on what will be coming in terms of changes from the overall gameplay of “Destiny.”

Toward the Sept. 15 release date of "The Taken King," Bungie plans to discuss the features to be expected from the game. For now, creative director Luke Smith has detailed the team's approach in creating the quests.

For the second year of “Destiny,” the new quests built on what players already know and love. Bungie identified some of the points of the quests players appreciated in “Destiny,” such as the Exotic Bounty Chains, which allowed players to have multiple activities and rewards.

As such, these will be retained in essence while the Quests Page will be introduced to bring in the changes to existing features. The Quest Page will contain some new information, including the Reputations from Inventory, tracking of Quests and Bounty slots and the completed Bounties by players. As an overall change, Bungie will increase the number of Bounties for players.

All the other details on specifics, such as progression, balance, weapons, enemies and new areas will be revealed in time. For now, Bungie provides a few more insights.

Mark Noseworthy, “Destiny” executive producer, revealed details in an exclusive interview with Metro. In discussing the upcoming update, he also touched on how they plan to change the bosses from the first year.

One of the common criticisms of “Destiny” boss battles is that the enemies are just bullet sponges. While Noseworthy pointed out that in itself may be fun, in some cases “Destiny” players are looking for other ways of introducing new strategies to overtake bosses.

“With 'The Taken King,' we’re experimenting with bosses and boss fights that have more dynamism. There’s more happening,” Noseworthy said. “'The Taken King' himself is a boss unlike any boss Bungie’s ever made.”

In fact, Bungie has already started to try going beyond the bullet-pumping action for boss battles with Prison of Elders in the "House of Wolves" expansion. Bungie assured in creating “The Taken King,” this will be taken to heart even more.

“The Taken King” is to be released Sept. 15. For now, fans can enjoy the newly released ViDoc from Bungie.

"Destiny" The Taken King ViDoc (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)