In “Devil May Cry 5,” taunting is still one of the high risk moves that players can rely on if they want to maximize their style points in enemy encounters. However, this move is extremely risky to use as players purposely drop their guard to annoy enemies. Here’s how to use these moves safely and stack up those style points fast.

Keep your calm

When taunting, it’s best to stay calm and analyze the situation first before you throw one out. First, make sure that you know about large openings in your foe’s moves and general behavior.

If your enemies are slow-moving and have sluggish attacks, throw in a taunt as soon as possible to make your stylish meter jump up a letter. Even though these taunt moves look unsafe, your character can still dodge in the middle of its animation if you can see the attack about to hit you.

Rely on fast taunts

The stylish point rewards from taunts are only awarded after the full animation of the taunt has been finished. Each taunt animation is different so you’ll have to rely on fast ones to do it quickly and smoothly.

Aside from the “EX Provocation” ability, each playable character has a taunt on a regular press, while variations can be achieved when tilting the analog stick, locking on to an enemy and jumping.

So far, the jump taunts are one of the safest as the animation is fast and provides more airtime. For example, Nero’s air taunt works like a triple jump and can actually get you to high places.

Push back and taunt

All of the playable “Devil May Cry 5” characters have an attack which pushes enemies away from them. These attacks are useful as the pushback attacks throw the enemy quite far away which affords you a lot of space to goof around and give them a taunt. If they do attack, the distance will allow you to process the incoming attack and react accordingly.

Overall, taunting in “Devil May Cry 5” requires calculated play and looks cool if pulled off consistently in combat. Once you hit those high stylish point ratings, you’ll be showered in Red Orbs which can be used to buy yourself some new moves.