• "The Devil is a Part-Timer!!" Season 2, Episode 4 is airing Thursday
  • The episode will live stream on Crunchyroll
  • The anime is based on 029 and Satoshi Wagahara's original work

The true identity of Alas Ramus is revealed in "The Devil is a Part-Timer!!" Season 2, Episode 4.

The official synopsis of the upcoming episodes hints that Alas Ramus might be a fragment of Yesod, which is a shattered piece of the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Meanwhile, Gabriel and the regiment of Tenshi appear to capture Alas Ramus. Earlier, Gabriel negotiated with Maou and the others and gave them one day.

But now, he is back and ready to battle against Maou and his friends. In the meantime, Maou is getting ready for the conflict, and he asks Emilia to stay at the Demon Castle in the unlikely event of the fight going out of control.

Maou, who cannot see tears in Alas Ramus' eyes, confronts Gabriel and is ready to fight it out.

In the previous episode, titled "The Devil and the Hero Go to the Amusement Park as Advised," Maou, Emilia and Alas Ramus had a fun day at the amusement park as they bonded with each other.

"In the parallel of Ente Isla, they were the Overlord and the Hero. But in modern-day Tokyo, they are hardworking employees of the modern world under new identities, Sadao Maou and Emi Yusa. Along with his two confidants at the Overlord's Castle, and a loving high school girl, Chiho, Maou is getting used to life in Japan, while also struggling with the rough economic times. One day, a mysterious little girl appears and the Overlord's Castle is in turmoil!" the official synopsis of "The Devil is a Part-Timer!!" Season 2 read, according to Muse Asia.

"The Overlord's Castle is tasked with raising a child, while visitors from Ente Isla keep coming in. They also have to work to support the people living in the Overlord's Castle, which is a miserable six-mat room! And so the part-timer Overlord's folksy fantasy unfolds once again in the second season of the anime!" it continued.

The anime is based on the original story by Satoshi Wagahara. It is illustrated by 029.

"The Devil is a Part-Timer!!" Season 2, Episode 4 is scheduled to air Thursday. Fans in the U.S. can watch the episode online on Crunchyroll. The episode will live stream in Japanese with English subtitles.

The Devil is a Part-Timer!! Season 2
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