"Devious Maids" Season 4 Spoilers
Roselyn Sanchez, who plays Carmen on "Devious Maids," took to Twitter to share a behind-the-scenes photo from the Season 4 set of the Lifetime drama. Lifetime

Strike a pose! On Thursday, the ladies of Lifetime’s sizzling-hot drama “Devious Maids” proved that they’re more than ready for their close ups when the soap opera stars snapped a photo on set.

In the behind-the-scenes picture, Judy Reyes (Zoila), Dana Ramirez (Rosie), Roselyn Sanchez (Carmen) and Ana Ortiz (Marisol), are all seen smiling as they sit tall in their “Devious Maids” director chairs. Behind the girls fans can see the show’s set, which is decorated with tropical plants.

But Season 4 won’t just be lush with trees and shrubs, it’ll also be swarming with drama when the Marc Cherry-created series returns this summer. According to reports, several new characters will be making their way to Beverly Hills to stir the pot — including Daniela portrayed by Sol Rodriguez.

According to TVLine, the newcomer is described as a “sexy, fun and unpredictable Latina” who has big dreams of starting a career in Hollywood. Sound familiar? Well, as similar as Daniela may be to Carmen we doubt these two will bond over their big screen goals. In fact, we have a feeling the sassy maid might become intimidated with the thought of the youngster stealing her (potential) spotlight.

However, regardless of the drama that occurs on set, Sanchez and Rodriguez proved that they were as thick as thieves when the cameras stop rolling. On Tuesday, Sanchez took an adorable photo with the 25-year-old actress, which she then posted to Twitter along with a sweet caption.

“Welcome to the #deviousmaids family beautiful Sol Rodriguez,” Sanchez wrote before pointing out that Rodriguez looks like she could be playing the role of her little sister ... or how about her daughter? In Season 3, it was revealed that Carmen had a child but gave the baby up for adoption thinking she was unfit to be a mother. Considering how alike Sol and Carmen are, is it possible Sol could be her long-lost child?

“Devious Maids” will return with its Season 4 premiere, titled “Once More Unto the Bleach,” this summer on Lifetime.