The cast and crew of Showtime’s “Dexter,” a series that features a serial killer as the protagonist, bid an emotional goodbye to fans when they attended the Comic-Con event at the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday.

The shooting of the final season, which will air its last episode in September, ended last week, and Michael C. Hall, who plays Dexter Morgan on the series, said it would take some time for the “Dexter” cast to come to grips with the fact that the show has ended.

"Our conscious minds are aware that it's over. Our bodies, five months from now, will start knocking on the door, wondering why we're not doing Dexter again," Hall said, according to USA Today.

While the cast refused to divulge details about how the season will end, actress Yvonne Strahovski said she would return to reprise her role as Hannah McKay, in the last episode.

Ever since Strahovski’s return to the series was first reported in April, fans of “Dexter” have speculated on her role in the final episode. “Who knows if her motivation is for revenge or love. It’s a mystery!” Strahovski said on Thursday, according to Ace Show Biz.

Jennifer Carpenter, who plays the role of Dexter’s sister, Debra Morgan, said she wanted her character to die when the show ended. "As an actor, it's because I love her. It's like Dexter treats his victims. I want her to go to the bottom of abyss to be where all her victims lie," Ace Show Biz quoted Carpenter as saying.

At Comic-Con, the “Dexter” crew played a goodbye video that featured 'thank-you' messages from actors, as well as scenes from old episodes.

The series finale will air on September 22, and the final season will be released on DVD November 5, reports said.