After prematurely being eliminated from “The X Factor,” Diamond White was brought back to the show in a surprise twist Wednesday.

The teen joins the final 12, making it as the 13th contestant, after being eliminated by mentor Britney Spears.

Simon Cowell must have been flabbergasted by Spears’ decision, since they ultimately decided to bring back the talented young singer.

Cowell announced to the audience on Wednesday night that the judges had made a “mistake,” so one lucky hopeful would be joining the ranks again.

Out of the four people eliminated from last week's show, the judges felt that White had the most potential, and they might have been too hard on the blossoming star.

"We watched the show back. But we believe we made a mistake with one act," said Cowell.

The audience was left in suspense for a few moments, before White walked back on the “The X Factor” stage with an ear-to-ear grin.

"I feel awesome and I'm ready to get performing," she told co-hosts Khloe Kardashian-Odom and Mario Lopez.

Arin Ray and Diamond White were voted to be in Spears’ bottom two and the two would have to sing for survival before she chose who would go home.

Both of the contestants got raves from the judges, with L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato admitting that they didn’t understand why she was even in the position to sing for survival in the first place.

But once White sang, Cowell expressed that he first thought Arin Ray should be chosen to continue on the show, but that her performance rivaled his.

It must have been his way to hint at Spears he wanted White to stay, without giving anything away to the audience.

Ray was chosen to continue and join the rest of Britney Spears teen group, but now that White was brought back there will be 13 contestants for viewers to vote for.