Diane Keaton turned heads on the Colbert Report Monday night, all thanks to an awkward interview with Stephen Colbert, which included the actress calling the TV host a sexual pervert.

It all started when Keaton asked Colbert if he was still running for president, which turned into a lengthy discussion about Colbert's last White House Correspondents dinner appearance and of all things, being naked.

I just wanted you to know that I won't be voting for you . . . I really don't care how I've hurt you at all. And I don't want to see your butt naked a**, Keaton, 66, told Colbert, who looked more confused than ever.

I never offered. You misinterpreted that hug backstage, he responded.

Keaton then told Colbert that she had plans to bring him up on charges.

I really mean it, she said with a straight face, before bursting into a laugh spell.

Keaton was on the show to promote the paperback release of her book, Then Again, but during most of the interview, seemed disinterested in talking about the book at all.

After several attempts at trying to get Keaton to talk about her book, Colbert finally gave up.

Is there some reason you don't wish to speak about this book, Miss Keaton? Colbert, 47, finally asked, after several attempts of trying to get an anecdote out of her.

Before I encourage my viewers to buy the book, you have to say one f**king thing about it. You want to read the Library of Congress number or something? he continued.

Keaton's appearance has sparked a flood of reaction from viewers, who have since expressed concern on Twitter.

As someone who loves trainwreck interviews, this Colbert interview with a visibly drunk Diane Keaton is FANTASTIC, wrote one viewer.

This just in- Diane Keaton was crazy drunk/high on The Colbert Show last night, wrote another.

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