Fans are jumping to Meghan Markle’s defense after reports of an alleged video showing her ranting about titles began to circulate. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pictured attending the Cirque du Soleil Premiere of “TOTEM” in London on Jan. 16, 2019.  Paul Grover-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Rumors are flying about Meghan Markle following news of an alleged video that shows her having a meltdown that her children with Prince Harry wouldn’t have HRH titles. However, while some believe the rumored footage may be showing the Duchess of Sussex’s alleged true colors, others are jumping to her defense.

According to a report, a palace aide reportedly filmed Markle ranting that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids received His and Her Royal Highness titles, while her child with Prince Harry, due this Spring, is only receiving a lordship.

“This exposing comes from an inside source saying there’s a video from a royal aide secretly being taped as Meghan was going off about Prince William and Duchess Kate’s children in being given his and her royal highness titles while Meghan and Harry’s children are only going to be Lords,” Talko presenter Alexis Slifer revealed in the report. “People think she’s melting down because the only reason she married Harry in the first place was to get those titles. So she’s having a major meltdown and somebody caught it on camera.”

However, since the news broke, many have come to Markle’s defense, with comments on the Youtube video (which has since been disabled) for the report tagging it as gossip and questioning why, if the recording existed, it wasn’t being released.

“You allude to a non-existent video which purportedly exposes ‘the real Meghan’ but you cannot verify that such a video was ever made,” one commenter wrote (via Express UK).

The royal family has not released a statement on the latest report but often doesn’t comment on stories regarding them. This is also only the latest gossip surrounding Markle, who has been plagued by reports for months about what she’s really been like behind closed doors.

Among those reports have been rumors that she has been feuding with her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton and that she has driven multiple members of her staff to quit.