• Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce settlement revisited
  • Johnny Depp said he was Amber Heard's victim amid her domestic violence allegations
  • Perez Hilton issued an apology to Johnny Depp for believing in Amber Heard's claims

Amber Heard didn't receive what she demanded from Johnny Depp when their divorce was finalized.

Several netizens on Twitter called the “Aquaman” actress a “gold digger” following her divorce from Depp. The issue resurfaced after Heard’s audio confession leaked and in it she admitted that she hit Depp. She also taunted Depp to tell the world that he was the victim and see how many people would believe him.

A copy of Heard’s alleged “extortion” letter when she and Depp were finalizing their divorce was shared on Twitter. The actress demanded three penthouses, a Range Rover vehicle and ordered Depp to continue to pay the mortgage and utility bills associated with those properties.

According to the BBC, the divorce settlement ordered Depp to pay Heard $7 million. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor retained sole possession of his real estate assets including his properties in Los Angeles, Paris, and a private island in the Bahamas. He also kept over 40 vehicles and vessels including vintage cars and his motorcycle collection.

Meanwhile, Heard kept their dogs Pistol and Boo, and a horse named Arrow. She was also ordered to drop the request for continued restraining order against Depp. There was no spousal support for either of the two stars and the confidentiality provision prevented them from discussing their relationship publicly.

Depp was condemned following their split because Heard alleged that he was violent and abusive. However, Depp has vehemently denied his ex-wife’s accusation.

In a $50 million defamation case against Heard, the “Fantastic Beasts” star insisted that he never abused Heard or any other woman. “She was the perpetrator, and I was the victim,” Depp said.

Many were convinced that Depp was telling the truth and Heard was lying when her audio confession leaked. The netizens have been campaigning for justice for Depp and they also want Disney to bring back Depp as Jack Sparrow in the popular franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

In related news, Perez Hilton issued an apology to Depp for believing Heard’s claims. According to the American blogger, he was sorry he didn’t believe in the other women in his life who all claimed they never experienced any abuse when they were him.

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
“London Fields,” the movie that supposedly ended Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage, is set to be released before the end of the year. Getty Images/Ian Gavan