The Monday Powerball game had another consecutive drawing without a winner of the jackpot, which was worth an estimated $340 million with a cash value of $178.2 million.

The winning numbers for Monday night's drawing were 18, 43, 48, 60, and 69, with a red Powerball of 14. The Power Play was 3X.

The next drawing will occur Wednesday evening. The jackpot will climb to an estimated $360 million with cash option of $188.7 million.

The jackpot was last won on Nov. 19, 2022, when a player from Kansas won the $92.2 million grand prize, featuring a cash option of $47.3 million.

Following Monday's lottery drawing, there were no instant millionaires. None of the ticket holders matched five numbers and missed the chance to win $1 million. Players who had hit the Match 5 with a Power Play would have won $2 million.

Four players took home a $150,000 prize by hitting the Match 4 plus the red Powerball with the Power Play. Meanwhile, 10 ticket holders won $50,000 each by matching four numbers and the red Powerball.

The latest jackpot comes after a group from Michigan claimed a $1 million prize, which was initially won in the Oct. 31 drawing. The Heroes to Zeroooos Lottery Club consisted of 78 doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

The winning ticket was purchased at a CVS pharmacy in Traverse City. "The Heroes to Zeroooos lottery club started several years ago," said Bernard Bossert Jr., the club's representative.

"There are about 65 members who consistently play, but anyone can throw in money whenever they choose. I created a Facebook page for the club where I post who contributed for the drawing and then the results the morning after each drawing."

Bossert Jr. initially shared an article about a $1 million ticket being sold in Traverse City and later confirmed the big win with the group. Each club member received about $12,800.

The odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 292,201,338.